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    Product's Description

    Product Code : gBY-GPS-03
    Product Name: GPS Active Antenna MMCX
    Description: GPS Active Antenna MMCX connector

    Compatible with all GPS receivers with MMCX antenna connectors (see below for full list)
    Amplified (active) GPS antenna to enhance and improve GPS signal reception.
    Built-in magnets for mounting on car rooftops or other metallic surfaces (user-removable, to prevent interference with magnetic compass readings)
    Optional Straight or Right Angle connector type, please specify the connector type when you place your order.

    Dieletric Antenna
    Center Frequency 1575.42MHz±3 MHz
    V.S.W.R 1.5:1
    Band Width ±5 MHz
    Impendence 50 ohm
    Peak Gain >3dBic Based on 7×7cm ground plane
    Gain Coverage >-4dBic at –90°<0<+90°(over 75% Volume)
    Polarization RHCP
    LNA Gain (Without cable) 28dB
    Noise Figure 1.5dB
    Filter Out Band Attenuation (f0=1575.42 MHZ)
    7dB Min f0+/-20MHZ ;
    20dB Min f0+/-50MHZ
    30dB Min f0+/-100MHZ
    V.S.W.R <2.0
    DC Voltage 2.5V to 5.0V
    DC Current 11mA
    Weight <110gram
    Size 49×39×14mm
    Cable RG174 5 meter long
    Connector MMCX male straight or right angle
    Mounting Magnetic base
    Housing Black
    Working Temp -40oC~+85oC
    Storage Temp. -45oC~+100oC
    Vibration Sine sweep 1g(0-p)10~50~10Hz each axis
    Humidity Humidity95%~100%RH
    Weatherproof 100% Waterproof

    Compatible GPS Devices:
    GTK) GB500-N BT GPS Receiver Magellan RoadMate 3000T
    (GTK) GB500-S BT GPS Receiver Magellan RoadMate 3050T
    Abarten BM 6380 GPS Navigator Magellan RoadMate 6000T
    Abarten GPS 95023 Magellan RoadMate 800
    Abarten GPS 95058 Magellan RoadMate 860T
    Abarten GPS 95069 MDPNA GPS 150
    Abarten GPS 95084 MDPNA GPS MD PNA 200
    Abarten GPS 95085 Medion GPS MD 95000
    Abarten GPS 95119 Medion GPS MD 95023
    Abarten GPS 95145 Medion GPS MD 95085
    Abarten GPS 95157 Medion GPS MD 95119
    Abarten GPS 95161 Medion GPS MD 95308
    Abarten GPS 95164 Medion GPS MD 95900
    Abarten GPS 95165 Medion GPS MD PNA 200
    Abarten GPS Receiver Module GPS 22 Medion GPS MD95084
    Abarten Navigator 7000 Pro SC Medion GPS MDPNA 150
    Acer D160 Portable Navigator Medion GPS MDPNA 175
    Acore Bluetooth AG-600 Medion GPS MDPNA 200
    Acore Bluetooth AG-700 Medion GPS MDPNA 200S
    AcroTech AG-600, Medion GPS MDPNA 220
    Adac Blue Media Pocket PC 255 Navigon Medion GPS MDPNA 220T
    Airis GPS Bluetooth N598G Medion GPS MDPNA 240
    Airis GPS PDA509 Medion GPS MDPNA 240T
    Airis Navigator T900 Medion GPS MDPNA 250
    Airis Navigator T920 Medion GPS MDPNA 250T
    Airis PDA NC05 Medion GPS Plus MD PPC 150
    Airis PDA T605 Mitac Mio 136 GPS
    Aktronix Bluetooth GPS BT Mitac Mio 168 GPS Pocket PC
    Aldi Medion GPS MD95000 Mitac Mio 168 RS GPS Pocket PC
    Aldi Medion GPS MD95900 Mitac Mio 268 Digiwalker
    Aldi Medion GPS MDPPC 150 Mitac Mio 268 Plus Digiwalker
    ASUS Mobile Navigator 1 Mitac Mio 269 Digiwalker
    ASUS Mobile Navigator Pro Mitac Mio 269 Plus Digiwalker
    ASUS MyPal A639 Mitac Mio 269c Digiwalker
    ASUS The Mobile Navigator Mitac Mio A201 Nav Pocket PC
    AVL GPS Bluetooth Receiver BT-15 , Mitac Mio A701 GPS PDA Phone
    Blue Media GPS Navigation System 6300 Mitac Mio C210 Nav System
    Blue Media Penny Navigation PNA BM 6300 Mitac Mio C310s DigiWalker
    Blue Media Pocket PC 255 GPS Mitac Mio C510E DigiWalker
    BT Empfänger GPS BR-R700 Mitac Mio C710 DigiWalker
    BT Empfänger GPS BT-R500 Mitac Mio P350 DigiWalker
    BT Empfänger GPS CF ST-K500 Mitac Mio P550 DigiWalker
    BT Empfänger GPS STBT110 Mitac Mio Ext. Antenna EAN: 5420027500409
    BT Empfänger GPS ST-BTS 110 MYGuide 3000 GO Series
    BT Empfänger GPS ST-CF110 MYGuide 3050 GO
    Solarius BT-Q770 MYGuide 3200 GO Series
    Compass Blue Tooth GPS CN768 MYGuide 3240 GO
    Compass Bluetooth GPS GB233 MYGuide Silverguide 4350 NAV
    Compass Bluetooth GPS GB539 MYGuide Silverguide 5000 Series
    Compass Bluetooth GPS GB732 MYGuide Typhoon 3230
    D100 Portable Navigator MYGuide Typhoon 5500
    D140 Portable Navigator N35 Navigations PDA
    D150 Portable Navigator Navigon
    Dell Bluetooth GPS Navigation System Navigon Transonic 3002
    Dell GPS Navigation Axim X51 Navigon Transonic 4000 PNA
    Dell Pocket GPS Navigator Axim X30 Navigon Transonic 5000 (TMC)
    Dell Pocket GPS Navigator Axim X5 Navman F20
    Delorme Blue Logger GPS Navman iCN 320
    FALK Navigation 3500 Navman iCN 330
    FALK Navigator N120 Navman iCN 510
    FALK Navigator N200 Navman iCN 520
    FALK Navigator N30 Navman iCN 530

    เหมาะสำหรับท่านที่รับสัญญาณ GPS ได้ไม่ดีเพียงต่อสายอากาศ GPS ของเราแล้วไปติดไว้บนหลังคารถยนต์ท่านก็สามารถรับสัญญาณได้ดีเยี่ยมดังเดิม

    ดูรูปภาพขยายใหญ่ โปรดคลิ๊กที่นี่ MMCX หัวงอ ซ้ายมือ MCX หัวตรง รูปกลาง MMCX หัวตรง ขวามือ
    Price: 580 Baht/pcs
    Sale : 499 Baht/pcs
    In-Stock: 72 pcs (MOQ = 1 )
    QTY.: pcs
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